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My name is Sven Johnson and I’m an professional architectural illustrator in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve studied all of Evan’s tutorials and done one-on-one training with him to improve my skills in my rendering pipeline.

Method is my go-to source for learning both the conceptual framework and the practical little details that go into mastering this type of software.

To me the one-on-one training is a great investment as I have learned a number of tips that I know will be saving me countless hours and increasing the likelihood of getting a full night’s sleep even with a deadline looming. Keep it going Evan, thanks for sharing your expertise!
— Sven Johnson, Greenpoint Brooklyn

This is great, thanks for putting together the video with the great instruction and also posting it for others to view- this was a creative work-around to the flatten command. Saved me lots of time, thanks a bunch.
— Josh Herrman

This is a great tip. So simple and yet it solves a real headache. I will surely share this with my students. Keep the tips coming, please.

Great Video. Helped me a bunch.
— Troy
[Method has] been an invaluable tool, the tutorials and reviews take so much guess work out of the process. thanks!
— Paul Flippingburgers Vu

Evan, you and your informative tutorials forced me to finally buy MaxwellRender. Thanks. I should’ve jumped at it earlier when the discount was greater. I only got the 20%. Still a bargain, though.
— Steve Callahan

Really nice! I love to work smarter, not harder.
— Toby

This is genius, you’ve shaved hours off my workflow. Thanks!
— Peter Hughes

You just saved me hours - thanks!
— Lu

Hi Evan, recently found your site and videos/tutorials. Very informative and a pleasure to watch.
— Craig

Hi Evan; How generous of you to post all this detailed information. It’s so useful and that you included what doesn’t work makes is even more valuable. Thank you. Looking forward to reading more posts along these same lines.
— Beryn Hammil