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Maxwell Render for bonzai3d Tutorial Videos

This is our video tutorial series for Maxwell Render for bonzai3d.

✱ Maxwell Render for Bonzai3d - Exterior Lighting & Rendering

This video tutorial covers how to setup exterior lighting and renderings using the various lighting strategies available in the Maxwell Render plugin for Bonzai3d. I cover the three most commonly used light types: Physical Sky, Sky Dome and Image Based Lighting (aka IBL or HDRI). This video also shows you how to position lights in Bonzai for the best results, whether you have Maxwell or not.

✱ Maxwell Render for Bonzai3d - Working with Materials
In this second video in the series, I show you how to load, apply and manipulate Bonzai3d’s materials, how to convert them to Maxwell Materials using Material Hints, and I cover the use of Maxwell Materials (MXM’s) for instances where you need an extra level of realism. I also show you where to get additional MXM’s and how to troubleshoot and fix file path problems so all of your renderings turn out exactly how you expect them to.
✱ Maxwell Render for Bonzai3d - General Overview and Getting Started Guide
In this first video in the series, I cover how to download and install the Maxwell Render suite of applications and the Bonzai3d plugin. Then I give an overview of the plugin settings including a breakdown of all of the important switches and settings you need to know about. Then I give you a quick recipe covering the basic ingredients needed to get a great looking rendering with a minimal setup.
✱ Maxwell Render for Bonzai3d - Introduction to the Video Series

In this series of tutorial videos, I will show you how to use Maxwell Render via the new Bonzai3d plugin, and get extremely realistic, physically accurate imagery from these very easy-to-use yet robust modeling and rendering programs. This is the introduction video showing what the series will cover. Watch this one first.