Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack FAQ

              Can I install your software on more than one computer?

              • Yes. Our Single User License products can be installed on up to two computers as long as they are both owned by you. Our Multi-User Licenses are made for larger teams.

              I’m having problems downloading the file. What do I do?

              • The file is a pretty large download. Depending on your connection, it may take a while. Try restarting the download if you have problems. If you run out of download attempts please email me and I will send you more.

              Help! My hard drive crashed and I need to re-download my product. Can you help?

              • Sure thing. Hard drive crashes suck. Just contact me using the email address you bought the Pack with and I can send you a new download link.

              I’m missing textures when I render with Maxwell Render. What can I do?

              • You need to have both the presets and the MXM materials installed on any machine you plan on rendering with. You also need to make sure that your host application is able to find those materials. If they aren't rendering, try relinking them again in the material parameters dialog box. That should do it.
              • You may need to purchase a Multi-User License for use on your render farm. Contact me to learn about affordable pricing for render nodes.

              The grass/plants don't show up when I render. What's wrong?

              • The Maxwell Grass Preset Pack requires a minimum host application of SketchUp 8, FormZ v7.3 or Bonzai3d v3 in conjunction with Maxwell Render 2.7 and the most current plugin for your host application (which is free on the NextLimit site). Make sure you have the most recent updates to your specific setup.
              • Make sure you are rendering in Maxwell Render and not FormZ/Bonzai3d RenderZone or some other 3rd party rendering program.
              • To render any grass in SketchUp (with either the free or $99 version of the Maxwell plugin) you'll need to have the full Maxwell Render Suite installed on your system as well. The good news is that you can just use the demo version, and you absolutely don't need the paid full version. The reason you need it is because it has the code necessary to generate the grass blades. You can download it for free here. Once you have it installed, your grass will magically render!

              Can I use your products for commercial work?

              • Absolutely. Method's products were made for production work. In fact, I would love to see what great things you have made with them.

              Does the Maxwell Grass Preset Pack work with other host applications besides SketchUp, FormZ and Bonzai3d in conjunction with Maxwell Render?

              • No. I hope to offer it for more host applications in the future if they introduce similar functionality. In fact, you should contact the developer of the host plugin you use and ask for it! You may still be interested in getting the Pack for the bonus tutorial videos which are only available through this offer.  

              Only one grass preset is rendering when I use SketchUp. Why?

              • SketchUp 8 free or SketchUp 2013 Make when used in conjunction with Maxwell Render (free or paid) only supports one preset at a time in your scene. SketchUp 8 Pro and above supports multiple grass types in a single scene at the same time.

              Do you have a question about the Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack? Contact me.