Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack

Realistic 3d grass and plant rendering presets for designers doing architecture and landscaping projects using SketchUp or FormZ with Maxwell Render.

Get the home turf advantage.

Instantly download all 17 professional Maxwell grass presets to quickly and easily populate your SketchUp and FormZ scenes with custom grass and plants. Take your renderings to another level with these beautiful, easy-to-use presets.

Here they are in action:


Your images have never looked so good with so little effort. 

  • Quickly add a higher level of realism to your SketchUp and FormZ scenes with photorealistic 3d vegetation when you render with Maxwell (even in Maxwell Fire).
  • Easily apply professional presets without dedicating hours of your precious time learning how to tweak overwhelming default settings. Simply select the geometry where you want your plants to appear, load in the preset and render. It's that easy!

What is it? 

The Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack is a collection of 17 presets including all of the necessary settings and my professional, hand-made MXM texture maps to populate your SketchUp and FormZ scenes with photorealistic vegetation. They look great both up close and far away!

But wait, there's more!

I've also thrown in 2 bonus videos to give you all the skills, tips and tricks for success the very first time you use it.

Who is it for? 

The Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack is perfect for designers doing architectural and landscape projects that would benefit from the natural look of true 3d grass and other plants like reeds, straw, horsetail reed (equisetum) or bamboo in their renderings. 

  • Already using SketchUp and Maxwell?
  • Already using FormZ and Maxwell?

If yes, you're ready to go. If not, would you like to create images like these? These tools are amazing.

Overview Video

What's included:

17 Maxwell grass presets and corresponding Maxwell material definitions (MXM's).

All of my custom presets also come with large preview images so you can see exactly what they look like before applying them to your scene.

  • Bamboo (various types)
  • Equisetum
  • Grass (various types)
  • Reeds (various types)
  • Straw

Use the presets straight out of the box or customize them to your needs. There's also a cheat sheet that shows you exactly what materials link up to each preset. 

Example scene files for your 3d modeling program to get you up and running in no time.

I've prepared scene files so you can follow along with my awesome bonus tutorials (see below).

Bonus video training by me.

Two awesome bonus tutorial videos. The first shows you how to use the presets (along with a few more helpful tips and tricks). Then the second tutorial builds on that foundation to take your knowledge even further by using placement maps to control growth patterns.  

Click to enlarge: Placement Maps

Example images that use stock presets

Click to enlarge: Fields of Gold Preset

Click to enlarge: Bamboo Preset

Click to enlarge: Manicured Lawn & Horsetail Reed Preset

Click to enlarge: Overgrown Lawn Preset

Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack

Get the home turf advantage.

17 realistic 3d grass and plant rendering presets for designers doing architecture and landscaping projects using SketchUp or FormZ with Maxwell Render. It's time to take your renderings to another level with these beautiful, easy-to-use presets. 


The Maxwell Grass Preset Pack requires a minimum host application of SketchUp 8 (free or Pro) or FormZ v7.3 in conjunction with Maxwell Render 2.7 and the most current plugin for your host application (which is free on the NextLimit site). These presets DO NOT work with other host applications because they don't allow the user to load settings files. 

Regarding SketchUp: I recommend you use SketchUp 8 Pro at a minimum so you can have multiple grass types in your scene at the same time. While the presets do work in SketchUp 8 free and even Maxwell Render for SketchUp (free or licensed) you are limited to render only a single grass preset in your scene. They want you to upgrade, so this is a known limitation.

To render ANY GRASS you'll need to have the full Maxwell Render Suite installed on your system as well. The good news is that you can just use the demo version, and you absolutely don't need the paid full version. The reason you need it is because it has the code necessary to generate the grass blades. You can download it for free here. Once you have it installed, your grass will magically render!

Runs on Mac or PC operating system. I assume you already have the programs and plugins installed and running smoothly. If not, please contact me to put you in touch with the proper people for support of those products.


Method offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, I will refund your payment upon request. However, I'd certainly appreciate an email explaining the nature of your dissatisfaction; in many cases, I can explain how to accomplish something with the Maxwell Grass Preset Pack that you may not have realized was possible!


Single User Licenses and can be used on up to 2 computers.  You're probably just like me with a desktop computer in one place and laptop everywhere else. In other words, we all like to work out of the office sometimes. I get it. No problem. I also sell Multi-user Licenses for 10 computers at a huge discount. If you need more licenses, just get in touch and I can put together an affordable plan tailored to your needs.

Have more questions? 

Check the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered there. If not, please contact me