Video: Subdivision Modeling and 3D Printing in FormZ 8


This is a great webinar by the folks at AutoDesSys showing the new capabilities of the subdivision surface tools in version 8 and how they can get you to organic 3d-printable objects pretty easily. 


In this webinar we’ll show the power of form•Z’s subdivision modeling and 3D printing capabilities by walking you through a series of actual 3D printed projects modeled exclusively with subdivision tools and features.

In this session you’ll experience:

  • Powerful subdivision modeling and how it can be used in your project workflow.
  • Seamless conversion of subdivision models to NURBS or Quad Meshes.
  • How the inherent quad mesh personality of subdivision objects lends itself perfectly to 3D Printing.
  • How converting your subdivision models to NURBS adds an additional layer of flexibility to your design capabilities.
  • The advantage of minimal time involved with analyzing and prepping the model for 3D printing due to the subdivision personality.


✱ Form•Z Version 8 Unboxing Video

✱ Form•Z Version 8 Unboxing Video

You've probably seen an unboxing video or two on YouTube where nerds geek out when opening the latest gadget. I wanted to do that with a new piece of software. So here's a video that shows FormZ version 8 and some of the great new features it has to offer, which is currently in open beta testing, being run for the first time. 

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