News: Maxwell Render Plugin Now Available for FormZ v8 Beta

A FormZ v8 SubD sculpture rendered in Maxwell Render - click for a larger view

For those of you following along with the Form•Z 8 Beta and all of the cool new stuff it has to offer: the developer of the Maxwell Render plugin has released a beta for us. This is great news. Now we can start rendering our subdivision surfaces in Maxwell directly from FormZ!

And as a quick aside, Maxwell FIRE is now 64 bit, so you should be able to preview grass, scatter, and all that cool stuff right in the FIRE window inside the FormZ interface without running out of memory (assuming you have lots of memory to work with, of course). You do have lots of RAM, don't you?

See the announcement and get instructions on how to get it here.

Happy rendering!

PS my grass presets are working beautifully in the latest version!

FormZ v7 Public Beta Available

I've been playing with the beta version of FormZ v7 for the last few months, and it is awesome. Gone are the days of 3 to 5 clicks to get something done, and the interface has been updated to match my other favorite modeler - Bonzai3d. It actually has a button to change the interface to match the Bonzai3d interface.

I started using FormZ back in 1994 at version 2, and quickly realized how powerful it was as a 3d modeler, specifically for architectural projects. It's great for other types of things too, but we make buildings here right? There are tons of high end modeling tools to add to what you probably already know in Bonzai3d and SketchUp that can help take the ideas you imagine and actually be able to build it in 3d.

It plays well with others too. You can import and export tons of different file formats so you can take files back and forth to Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, 3DStudio Max, Artlantis, and many many more. It also supports plugins including Maxwell Render.

I could go on and on because I'm so excited by this release, but you should really check it out for yourself. There is an upcoming webinar for you to see it in action first-hand.

In part 2 of this series we'll continue the exploration of our design study to highlight numerous visualization and presentation features in form•Z 7 that accelerate and simplify lighting, materials, rendering, fabrication, and multiple design concepts.

You will experience:

- Faster texture mapping of your scene with new automatic texturing and drag-n-drop materials.
- New "live" dynamic manipulation of materials directly on your objects.
- Efficient lighting of your scene with new drag-n-drop dynamic lights.
- Updated Sun position palette for quick and dynamic global sun positioning.
- The ease of setting up a Global Illumination rendering of your scene.
- How components are easily utilized to quickly visualize multiple design concepts.
- And numerous other new quick and easy techniques for visualizing and fabricating your design.

The webinar will be followed by a question and answer session.

Register for the Webinar on November 17th here. Disclaimer: As with any beta software, your mileage may vary. You'll want to save often and probably not use it for actual paying work. 

You can download the free public beta here.