Link: formZ/bonzai3d + Maxwell Render Bundle

There's a 30% off promotion going on right now for some of my favorite 3d tools - formZ, bonzai3d & Maxwell Render. You get 30% off a Maxwell node-locked license when you buy either fZ or b3d. Don't miss the part that says the next version of fZ that's coming out (v8) is going to be a free upgrade to everyone who buys v7 now.

I don't get anything from this offer - I'm just letting you know about it because these are my go-to design tools and it's a great deal. I'm also letting you know about it because they used my image for the promo email :)

Maxwell Render Upgrade Offer

Next Limit, the makers of Maxwell Render, has a great offer starting today:

We are offering a fantastic 50% off upgrades to Maxwell Render V2 between now and 31st November!

This offer includes the 5 render free nodes that now come as standard with Maxwell Render Suite standard licenses, and so now’s a great time to upgrade those remaining V1 licenses!

One confusing little thing is that in one place it states the offer is until the 31st of November, and in another it states  that it ends the 30th of November. No worries - get it before then.

Learn more here.