Join me on a Google+ Hangout on Architectural Presentations

Novedge is hosting a Google+ Hangout on Wednesday, October 9th at 11am as part of their "How to Succeed in Architecture" series and I'll be one of the people presenting. You can RSVP on this page and join us. The whole thing will be streamed live on YouTube as well.

What it's about: 

Presenting your ideas to a prospective client is a crucial step towards gaining new business. In this episode of our Architecture Hangout Series, we will talk to three architects about their different approaches to pitching projects to new and current clients. From using an iPad, to creating renderings and 3D printed models, join us to learn how to be more effective in your interactions.

I'll be presenting some new ideas I'm exploring for upcoming presentations including augmented reality, 3d printing and realtime 3d visualization. I'm not the only presenter either - there's Marica McKeel and Emily Bello as well, so I'm hoping to pick up on their tips as well.

If you want to be more powerful and effective in your presentations, join us to learn new tips and techniques to better express your ideas and connect with your clients.


Augmented Reality - Put the Project in Your Client's Hands

Augmented Reality (AR) has really grown since tablets and large screen devices have become ubiquitous. I’ve successfully use AR in interviews in concert with a plugin for SketchUp where the client holds a small platform in their hands and their building is “projected” onto the platform on the computer or projected screen. It’s fun to see the ‘holy crap’ moment when their eyes light up because they are virtually holding a small version of their project in their hands.

This new concept in the video takes it from a static model to an entirely new level. The ability to have animated entourage, wind patterns, shadows, and more is an amazing way to interact with architecture before it’s built.

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✱ Maide Control - A New 3d Mouse

Maide Control is an exciting new app for your iPad from Maide that does two things. First, it allows you to control SketchUp or Rhino on your computer wirelessly and present your model from your iPad. Second, it lets you use your iPad as a 3d mouse (like a 3dConnexion device) during the modeling process as another input device.

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