Link: Archispeak #6 - And Then I'm Very Sad

The latest episode of our fortnightly podcast is up on our site and on iTunes and we want to hear what you think about it - after you've listened to it of course. 

We talk about what the profession expects from architecture school graduates versus what the schools are teaching, and toss out some of our own ideas about everyone getting better at narrowing the gap between the two.

Give it a listen and join in the conversation on the Archispeak websiteFacebook page, or on twitter.

Link: Archispeak #4 - Eat, Sleep and Breathe It

The fourth episode of the podcast I do is up on the Archispeak website and iTunes. We talk about the latest architectural Jobs Report, the importance of practical experience before graduating with a degree in architecture, what kinds of resumés and portfolios companies look for, and I continue to reveal how badly terrible fonts bother me.

We're always looking for sponsors, so if you think you or your company/service/product would be a good fit for our audience, please get in touch.

Archispeak #3 - An Architect's Library

new episode of Archispeak, that podcast I do, is now up on the website and iTunes

In this episode, we share what's on our architectural library shelves. Cormac dug through his basement and found a treasure-trove of these ancient relics we call books, Neal talks about the great content in Graphic Standards and his love of comic books, and Evan talks about how these resources are just some of the necessary tools everyone who calls themselves an architect should have. 

Join in the conversation and post a pic of your architectural library to twitter using the has tag #architectslibrary, and be sure to follow us @archispk as well.

Archispeak #2 - Architect as Juggler

In the latest episode of our casual conversation about the realities of working in architecture:  

We discuss the current state of being an architect versus the old days of the master builder, how architects can educate clients, the importance of sleep in our manic profession, and we begin to tackle the topic of proper planning for the ever-looming deadlines that keep us on the move.

I put a lot more effort into the intro editing of this episode and getting the audio quality up. I hope you like it. Listen to episode #2 of the Archispeak Podcast on the site, or subscribe in iTunes.

Introducing the Archispeak Podcast

I've been pretty busy studying for my professional licensing exams (thus not much posting here) but was able to carve out some time to start a new thing with a couple of other friends from Twitter. It's called Archispeak, and it's a podcast about architecture. No, we don't know what we're doing.

Archispeak is a casual conversation about architecture by people who should never be caught talking about architecture. Think you already know what architecture is all about? Tune in to find out.

I couldn't be happier with our first episode. Neal and Cormac are great guys and I hope you'll find some time in your day to give it a listen and tell us what you think.

You can find us in the usual places online, but you should start at the main site.