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Personal training is the fastest way to learn

I've taught thousands of students in person during my 10 years teaching digital design at both California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and Mt. San Antonio College in their architecture departments. My students all had the benefit of being able to ask questions and help steer their education through group conversations and one-on-one learning during and after lectures. A nice additional outcome is that I still talk with many of them to this day because of the relationship we established over the years. The tutorials on this site have been able to take them even further since they graduated and I stopped teaching in brick-and-mortar institutions.

With that in mind, I put up a page here on the site that talks more in depth about the personal training, the tools I teach, and about the benefits of what I call "learning without a speed limit." I'll leave that information out of this this post because you can read about it on my training page. The biggest take-away is that I want to help you be worth more, and personal training is truly the best method to get better, faster.

A few people have already taken advantage of my personal training and the feedback I've gotten has been very positive. Here's a testimonial from Sven Johnson who is a professional architectural illustrator in New York:

My name is Sven Johnson and I’m an professional architectural illustrator in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve studied all of Evan’s tutorials and done one-on-one training with him to improve my skills in my rendering pipeline.

Method is my go-to source for learning both the conceptual framework and the practical little details that go into mastering this type of software.

To me the one-on-one training is a great investment as I have learned a number of tips that I know will be saving me countless hours and increasing the likelihood of getting a full night’s sleep even with a deadline looming. Keep it going Evan, thanks for sharing your expertise!
— Sven Johnson, Greenpoint Brooklyn

Sven had told me that he wanted to do some personal training and that he had some things in mind of what he wanted to cover. After he sent me a list of what he wanted, I was able to tailor a session to match up with what he wanted to learn so he could get the most out of our time together. We setup desktop sharing over Skype, and even though we are three hours apart, were able to pull off a couple of hours of training without a hitch. I also recorded video of our entire session and provided that to Sven so he could go back and reference it anytime. We covered a lot of information.

This is about making you worth more, faster

All of this is to say I'd love to do personal training with you. Check out my page where I talk more about the types of training I do, my teaching philosophy, the tools I cover, and my rates. This is a great opportunity to take your skills and your future into your own hands and become worth more to your business, firm, colleagues and clients. The best part is being able to choose exactly the kind of training you need to get to the next level. No one knows that better than you.

Read more about my Personal Training here and let's get started!