Link: 3d Landmark Challenge - Stop the Moment!

There's a new 3d challenge going on over at CGTrader and I'm one of the judges. This one is all about architectural landmarks. 

The idea of a landmark for me goes back to my studies in architecture school. Kevin Lynch wrote a book called The Image of the City where in 1960 he wrote about the five elements that determine the imagability of cities. Imageability is the “quality in a physical object which gives it a high probability of evoking a strong image in any given observer.” The five elements are paths, nodes, edges, landmarks, and districts.

Lynch further describes landmarks as readily identifiable objects which serve as external reference points.

You know the usual suspects: The Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Burj Dubai, stadiums, towers, etc. I like to think of landmarks as those things you see from airplanes or from really far away and can easily figure out relatively where you are in an instant. 

So this is your chance to show us what your favorite landmarks are, build 3d models of them, and enter the competition. There are some great prizes to make it worth your while.

I hope you pick something challenging and use this contest as a reason to push yourself and learn new modeling skills. You have about two and a half weeks you get you submission in by the deadline on May 11th.

Ready? Learn more and enter here.

Happy modeling!

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