Maxon announces Cinema4d r14

I've touted Cinema4d here on Method before, and it just keeps getting better and better with the announcement of their latest version, r14. You'll notice on their modeling page there are a few videos showing architectural modeling, although basic, as the basis of some of their new tools including redefining workplanes and the use of guides. These have been staples of architectural modeling for years in other programs and I'm happy to see them being incorporated into Cinema4d. 

With improved and added tools such as digital sculpting, camera matching and tighter integration with leading third-party applications, R14 offers the innovation on which individual artists and design teams have come to rely to create compelling 3D content for any medium - from film and broadcast to architectural visualization and mobile games.

The reason I love using Cinema is because it is just so much FUN. It's a great digital playground to play in.

A demo version of r14 is available here.

New Video Tutorials from Maxon for Cinema4d 11.5

MAXON Computer, developer of the leading 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solution CINEMA 4D, today announces the immediate availability of its new tutorial series, included in the free CINEMA 4D documentation package. The first seven chapters include tutorials for modeling, animation, materials, lighting and more. These tutorials are a perfect introduction for beginners and offer valuable tips for experienced users as well.
To maximize the instructional value of these tutorials, numerous movies and the complete scene files themselves are included and can be opened directly from the tutorial itself. After working through these tutorials you will be able to easily master complex projects and apply this knowledge in real-world projects.

Read more here.

Bonzai3d Article coming out next week

I recently finished an article highlighting myself and how I use Bonzai3d for their upcoming newsletter. The main topics include my design and teaching process at HMC Architects, Cal Poly Pomona and here at Method. It should be out next week. A link will go up as soon as it's released, and I may repost the article here as well.

Here's one of the images from the article:

orange sticks.png