Inspiration - The Third and the Seventh

'Architecture as Art' is the underlying theme of this wonderful, mesmerizing and awe-inspiring short film by artist Alex Roman that shows off some truly amazing spaces as seen through the lens of an architectural photographer. Selected works by Khan, Calatrava, Ghery and others grace the screen. The entire film is CG, and Alex did everything including the modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, scoring of the soundtrack, post production and editing. Ridiculous, right?

I love how he used already-built pieces and was even inspired by other artist's scores like Michael Nyman'sThe Departure to influence his work as well. This kind of personal project is exactly the kind of thing I need to see when I want to be inspired. The camera angles, lighting, and sometimes surreal compositions are what I look for when photographing and experiencing architecture myself, so this really hits home for me. Of particular interest to me is the kind of architecture that sits you down and makes you say 'whoa'. When it can affect you emotionally, it truly is a work of art.

Sometimes you'll find yourself thinking that there is no way the film isn't showing a real space - so here's a couple of links to a few scene breakdowns so you can see the craft that goes into making the final product.