✱ New Developments at Method - The Tip Jar

It’s the first day of Autumn, and we’ve started something new on Method today. You can help make Method even better by directly supporting us - starting now.

You can now tip us for the tutorials we’ve made. You can tip videos by either entering your credit card information directly or by using your PayPal account at the bottom of each video page both here and on the Vimeo site. Either way works. The best part is that you get to decide how much to tip. No pressure.


By clicking that ‘Tip this video’ button under each video, you will be supporting our efforts to bring even more great content to this site. Creating high quality, informative tutorials is a labor of love for us, but it’s also our business and how we feed our families. As you probably know, it takes a lot of time, money and resources to provide all of this to you.

For this method, you’ll have to do this on the

Vimeo site

directly -

not here on the Method site

. But you can also make a donation right here on the site by clicking the ‘Donate’ button found after each tutorial, whether it’s a video or not. This saves us a little money by bypassing the Vimeo transaction fees. It looks like this:

Payment is managed safely and securely through PayPal.


you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. You can choose to pay with just about any credit card and never sign up for Paypal.

So please, take just a minute and help make us filthy rich by clicking the ‘Tip This Video’ button at the bottom of the videos, or by clicking our ‘Donate’ buttons here. Think of it as if you’re buying us a cup of coffee.

We’ve got big things in the works and we’d really appreciate your support to make those things possible. Think of this as our own little Kickstarter campaign, but to help keep us going from the stuff we’ve already made. Every dollar really helps.

Stay awesome! And thanks! 

Now go learn something.

html5 video now available on getmethod.com

I went through all of the videos and changed their embed tags so you now get html5 video. This means you can now watch all of them on your iPhone and iPad as well as android phones - special thanks to Vimeo for the nice & shiny new toys! Hopefully this makes things easier for learning on the go. Let me know if you see any problems with video playback and I'll take care of it.

Thanks for watching, and let me know if there's anything that you specifically want to see on here.