New Version of Grasshopper Available

This happened when I was out of town so I missed it, but if you’re a Grasshopper user, there’s a new version out - 0.9.0005.

It’s been a while (over half a year actually), but we’ve finally arrived at a new Grasshopper release. As you may have guessed, a lot has changed in 6 months and this release represents a significant step towards Grasshopper 1.0.

I’m not a big Rhino/Grasshopper user but I do know it’s badass.

Also, what’s up with that version number?

Project Hummingbird - Grasshopper Components That Help Create Revit Native Geometry

Right on the heels of Chameleon, Project Hummingbird gives us yet another way to make more complex geometry and get it natively into Revit. I detect a theme here... obviously Revit has some modeling shortcomings, and there are people willing to fill those gaps.

From Tim Meador:

The Revit Model Builder add-in acts as a layer between the Revit modeling environment, including the Family Editor, and an Excel session.  (The Revit environment can include Vasari; however, this has not been tested.)

This is great news for users because I don't think Revit needs everything built in. It's nice to have an API that these other developers can hook into. Having smart, Revit native geometry for scheduling and costing let alone showing up with correct line weights and hatches in drawings is huge. Personally I still like and find an advantage to working in different applications that talk to each other. Each app has its own strengths and weaknesses.

(via Steve Bennett)

✱ Maide Control - A New 3d Mouse

Maide Control is an exciting new app for your iPad from Maide that does two things. First, it allows you to control SketchUp or Rhino on your computer wirelessly and present your model from your iPad. Second, it lets you use your iPad as a 3d mouse (like a 3dConnexion device) during the modeling process as another input device.

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✱ Using the iPad as a Design Presentation Tool

The other day I gave a presentation to a client. Sounds normal, right? As designers, we should be doing this often. But this time, I tried something new - hooking up an iPad to a digital projector for a full, high definition presentation. Let me be the first to tell you that it was beautiful. Let me also be one of the first to say that I can’t wait for this to be wireless over Airplay when iOS 5 comes out.

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