✱ Fontana Courthouse Expansion & Remodel Project Wins AIA Design Award

I talk a lot about the tools we use for design here on Method, but I want to stress how much I get out of visiting my projects that have been built. I used several digital tools to model this project during the design process including SketchUp and Revit. None of the design and previsualization can compare to actually being in the space, which is what architecture is really about for me. It truly does invoke a personal, emotional response from me. This is why I do what I do. Space can indeed change us.


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Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facility Wins AIA Design Award


As a designer on the project, I am extremely proud to announce that the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facility that I featured earlier this year took the Citation for Design award in the unbuilt category at the AIA Pasadena Foothill 2010 Design Awards. As part of the Ideas Competition, the team created an iconic boundary crossing facility, the gateway for a 20-mile bridge linking three regions in the Pearl River Delta: Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macao. The project parameters were limited to a man-made island of 1.3 million square meters in the Pearl River Delta, northeast of the Hong Kong International Airport.

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