Autodesk Lays off 7% of Entire Staff

It looks like even mighty Autodesk is feeling the riptide the architecture and construction industries it makes tools for has felt for the last few years. Is it going to get better?

Autodesk Lays Off 7% Of Entire Staff:

Digital design giant Autodesk laid off 7% of its workforce Thursday, sources tell Mashable. That totals around 500 employees — including a number of 3D developers and several product managers.
“Our own execution challenges, combined with an uneven global economy, resulted in disappointing revenue results for the quarter,” said Carl Bass, Autodesk president and CEO. “The changes better position Autodesk to meet the needs of our customers. We are focused on working through our internal challenges as rapidly as possible.”

Autodesk Vasari 1.1 Released

Just after a couple of days of teasing us with their Youtube video, Autodesk has released Project Vasari 1.1.

Go get it here: Autodesk Labs

Updates included in this version are:

  • Metric Templates
  • Text Notes
  • Work Sharing File Protection
  • Export to STL for 3D printing
  • Ecotect Wind Rose
  • Ecotect Planar Solar Radiation
  • Nucleus physical phenomena form finding

It's free to download and use with an Autodesk Labs account.

✱ It's Official - AutoCAD is Coming Back to the Mac

As a follow-up to my blog post back in May, Autodesk has finally announced that it is re-releasing Autocad for the Macintosh platform. It hasn't seen the inner workings of the Mac since 1996, when the last version to run on the Mac was release 12. That was before Apple even made the move to Power PC chips from Motorola and IBM (What? You didn't know Apple used processors from IBM? Yeah, those were the days) and strictly ran on the Motorola 68k-series processors. Now Apple has a new outlook, a new operating system, and an even bigger following than ever.

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