✱ Methodcast Quickie #13 - Getting 3d trees into FormZ from TreeSketch3 iPad App

Thumbnail MQ 13 Banner.jpg

This is a fun one. There's a free app on Apple's App Store for iPad that's an amazing piece of code called TreeSketch3 (App Store link). It allows you to design your own 3d trees with an unbelievable amount of control. You then get to design the look of the tree even further by selecting your favorite bark and leaves and whether it has fruit or not, among other things. You have to play with it to believe it.

I wanted to figure out how to get those files into my architectural models inside my favorite 3d modeling program, formZ. I show you how to get them in the right way, and then I show you a couple of things you should do once they're in to make them display and render correctly in your scenes. 

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