✱ Methodcast 21: Put Yourself & Your Clients Into Your Projects with Spherical Panoramas and iPano

Have you ever wanted to let your boss, friends, clients or anyone for that matter get inside one of your designs before it's built? Of course you have! This tutorial will take you through the steps to produce a rendering that will let you do just that.

Technically, I'll show you how to create a spherical panorama with the new spherical lens in Maxwell Render v3, and then take that file and get it into an iPad app that tracks your real world movements and gives the person holding the iPad a sense that they are looking through a magic window into your design. Watch the video to see what I mean. It's so awesome to see their faces light up with huge smiles the first time they get to experience your design. I've used this technique with great success many times, and now you can too with the steps I take you through in this video.

I also give a few great tips on using Maxwell Render's amazing Multilight, Fast Multilight Preview (another new addition to MR v3), and other stuff along the way. In other words, there's tons of good workflow info packed into this video!

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And as a special gift from me just for visiting: You can download a couple of my panoramas if you just can't wait to give it a try. Already have an iPad and the iPano app ready to go? Download these and load them up:

Click to download this image.

Click to download this image.

Click to download this image.

Click to download this image.

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