✱ Getting Started

Architectural designers: I want to make you worth more.

There's no other way to say this than to just get to the point: I've rewritten the entire Method website from scratch and started a new video series called Methodcast Quickies to convince you, dear reader, that we should be engaged in a symbiotic relationship where we support each other.

I've gone all-in and have dedicated my time and energy into this site to make it a resource for architectural designers looking to either get started in digital 3d modeling or take their existing skills and build upon them to get to the next level. In other words, I did it because I believe I can teach you something that will make you worth more no matter where you are in your personal development.

In return, I am asking for your support.

I've had years of experience teaching in classrooms to students from all over the world. I know what works and what doesn't when delivering complex information to students that are trying to follow along. My goal has always been to make it as easy as possible for architectural designers to take their digital design skills to the next level using the knowledge and shortcuts I teach them by wading through this stuff first. Why would I keep all this to myself? That's an old way of thinking and I don't believe in it. It's my belief that we should all share what we know.

The truth is the world needs better designers that know their tools. Not only is the industry demanding it - the public should be as well. The architectural industry needs designers to get off their current crutches and learn some new skills and get out of their comfort zone. I believe when that happens, some great new ideas will come flowing out of them. Great ideas spread. With my deep background and current knowledge in a diverse digital toolset, I can help people achieve this. I want to help designers open their minds to the tools that are available and get more productive. I love teaching, and I want to help you become a rockstar in the eyes of your peers, colleagues and clients.

Method originally launched April 6, 2010 and has already accomplished much more than I thought it ever would. In 2012 alone, almost 140,000 people watched my tutorial videos. That's a lot of bandwidth and infrastructure! People out there must be getting something from my videos with numbers like that, but for the most part, I have no idea. A few thoughtful people have left me comments that I've put on my testimonials page, but other than that it's been a lot of me wondering. 

Then last year I launched the Tip Jar with hopes that visitors would basically buy me a virtual cup of coffee for helping them become better with the tools they were learning. It was eye-opening to see that over the course of about a year, almost none of my site visitors decided to throw any money into my hat. If you have ever started a website, you probably know that this doesn't go very far covering the basic costs of operation, let alone the amount of time I personally put into creating all of the content. What I ultimately learned was that I now need to let everyone know that for me to continue to share my knowledge with my tutorials, this would have to make financial sense to me.

So this is it. I'm now inviting everyone to donate to the site if you learn something from my videos. I'm also publicly announcing that I am available for hire to do virtual and in-person training. If you're supporting me directly, I'm feeling the pressure (in a good way) to deliver some great tutorials to you first and foremost. I'm so excited to offer this up and put it out there.

Here's the thing: I've already started recording, editing, producing and releasing videos every two weeks and getting things up and going at a high-flow rate.

I love teaching this stuff. Among other institutions, I've taught for over 10 years at Cal Poly Pomona in the architecture department, and I cut my teeth on thousands of students in that program. I'm constantly inspired to create tutorials and share the things I know with friends in the architectural field. It makes me so happy to see people 'get it' and then take their new skills somewhere I've never thought possible. The truth is that the worst thing that could happen is that this won't work at all and I'll fail out loud. So be it. I'm up for the challenge.

It's difficult for me to write this sort of thing, put my hat out and bare it all so publicly. It's something I have to do though - to ask you for your support. I honestly can't do it without you. 

Let's get started.