Feedback on FormZ Fundamentals

Feedback is beginning to come in for FormZ Fundamentals (my new 6-hour digital course on 3d modeling in case you missed it) and I'm very proud to share the first two notes here. The cool thing about these particular comments is that they are coming from seasoned professionals who have been using FormZ for a very long time, and they are finding tremendous value in the course. I am filled with gratitude hearing their positive praise for the work. While this course was designed with beginners in mind, there are lots of key workflows more experienced users can find useful as these testimonials confirm.

First up, here's what long-time FormZ user Carter Lee of Studio Lime had to say about FormZ Fundamentals:

Evan: As usual your training is AWESOME!! Even as a fairly advanced user, you mentioned tools I never knew about and now have become tools I can’t do without!!
— Carter Lee

And this is what Graham Griffin, another long-time FormZ user, had to say about the course:

[I’ve] got to say:
• your time length choice of 2-5min video is perfect. (Also Content index arrangement, great)
• I had forgotten how much depth there is in fmz - meaning that a lot is taken for granted!!!
• voice tone perfect (non umm or ahh - non-excited manner ) - easy to listen to and absorb.

I brought your series with a belief in FormZ, to validate why I have enjoyed/(persisted since draft changed) all these years, to find if there was any small pieces I had missed. This CAD application resonates very strongly with me, it is a pleasure to use.

Thank you Evan for your belief & efforts. Well done sir.

Looking forward to next series.
— Graham Griffin

That these comments are coming from users who aren't new to the program but have trusted me with their hard-earned dollars for more training in a program they are already experienced in is exciting. Until now, I wasn't sure how the course was going to be received, and I have to say that I'm humbled to hear it's adding value to users who have signed on.

So if you've already signed up for the course, thank you! I'd love to hear your feedback.

If you haven't looked at the course yet, what are you waiting for? Check out the web page and watch the free video segments to see if it's for you

Happy modeling!