✱ Day 6 of 7 — Preview of FormZ Fundamentals — Talking with Rhino

Day 6 — Talking with Rhino

This is the sixth preview video for FormZ Fundamentals. Each day this week I'm showing a small piece of my new course in a video. This will give you a better idea of what the course is about and how I teach it.

Today's video is an introduction and overview of FormZ's Rhino importing capability. Do you already do some or all of your modeling in Rhino? If yes, this shows off how easy it is to continue working on your parametric surfaces inside FormZ. That's right—you can manipulate your Rhino geometry in FormZ with it's powerful NURBS tools without having to go back and forth between the programs. Check out this video from my course and see how easy it is.

Come back tomorrow for another preview video from the course.

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