✱ FormZ 7 Webinar Replay

In case you missed the hour long event or want to watch it again (I know it went fast), here is the video of the webinar I hosted with Novedge. The topic was architectural modeling in FormZ. We had a great turnout with a few minutes of live question and answers at the end from those that were watching live. I know more questions were submitted and as time permits I'll be tackling those in a follow-up blog post. 

There was a question before the live feed began about transferring models over to Cinema4d, and I mentioned that my workflow for that process is covered in my 3d File Format Cheat Sheet. You can learn more and download a free copy of it here. It basically talks about all the ways you can get geometry from one program to another and is a free resource I offer here on the site. 

I also mentioned my FormZ setup guide video tutorial that I posted, and you can find that here. It's a great place to start when working in either FormZ or Bonzai3d that will get you up and running very quickly. 


I also gave a shout out to a company that makes one of my favorite hardware add-ons for 3d modeling during my presentation. That company is 3dconnexion and they are the makers of the Space Explorer 3d mouse. I'm not affiliated with their company - I just really like their product. Here's an Amazon link to the one I use. (If you buy one using this link, I'll get a small kick-back from Amazon and it won't cost you a penny more.)

I also have to reiterate that I really love working in FormZ, and I don't work for the companies represented. I'm not getting any kick-backs from AutoDesSys or Novedge on the sales of their software. Both companies are great to their customers and I am happy to support them.

Be sure to check out my other tutorials on FormZ while you're here.

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