✱ Methodcast Quickie #14 - Maxwell Materials in SketchUp

This is just a short piece of the much longer, informative video tutorials that come with the Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack that you can purchase here.

Methodcast Quickies are back! Here's a little tutorial that will teach you how to get Maxwell Materials into SketchUp. If you're new to using Maxwell Render, you'll find this step-by-step guide a huge time saver for getting ultra-realistic Maxwell materials into SketchUp. We all know the materials we use in SketchUp are the most basic there are, but what if you want to get things like frosted glass, cobblestone, textured wood, or board-form concrete in your scene? This trick will get your images looking better in no time when you use Maxwell Render and their sophisticated materials. Did you know you can get Maxwell Render for SketchUp for free? See below for the link.

Take your images to the next level!

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Get the free version of Maxwell Render for SketchUp here.

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