Link: 123d Make by Autodesk

If anyone has a laser cutter nearby, or some time and skills with an exacto blade, you may find this new free app interesting from Autodesk. It's pretty amazing. It's available now on the Mac App Store and if you're using Windows, their website. Actually you don't even need a laser cutter or an exacto - you can simply place an order for your parts when you're done. 

There's even an iOS app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to model simple revolved shapes and then it auto-constructs the slices in either a stacked or radial pattern. Once you approve the model, it lays out all the cuts onto 8.5x11 paper and allows you to print them out for cutting, save a PDF or order laser cut parts through Autodesk!

This kind of thinking is the best part of Autodesk. They are bringing this great technology to everyone who has a computer or iOS device. Unbelievable!