Maxwell Render for bonzai3d 3 is out

The Maxwell Render plugin for bonzai3d has been brought up to par with the formZ plugin and now includes:

  • Maxwell Fire realtime previews in the bonzai3d interface
  • Support for Maxwell Grass
  • New material hints including anodized aluminum, powder coatings, and emitters
  • New focus camera command - just select an object, then the command and it will focus the camera on it. 

The new plugin works in version 3.1 of bonzai3d, so it looks they are making a case for people to upgrade their v2.5 licenses to v3 licenses.

You can read the entire list of changes since the last version of the plugin here. If you're already a Next Limit (the makers of Maxwell Render) customer, you can download the latest plugin from the customer gateway for free. If you're not, check out a demo of the software, and watch my Maxwell Render for bonzai3d video series.

To get an even better idea of Maxwell Render's abilities with both bonzai3d and formZ, check out the series of videos I've produced. It's a great tool to have in your toolbox.