Autodesk Formit 4.0 is out on the App Store


New updates to the 3d modeling app for iPad include: 

  • Create texture maps from your photo library or camera, and control their transparency
  • Updated color picker
  • Updated interface for shadow studies
  • Delete edges on flat faces

And probably the best new feature: 

  • Import geometry from other applications using SAT or OBJ format

This is great because Formit can be a very nice way to present a project to a client on an iPad, and you know I'm a huge proponent of putting the project in our client's hands. It's not always the best way to model a project on an iPad, so this new feature alone make it able to accept models from other great modeling apps like FormZ using the SAT format.

You can find Autodesk Formit 4 on the App store for iPad here (iTunes link). 

You can see more of what the development team is up to on their blog