✱ Methodcast Quickie #5 - Cleaning Up Dirty Scans in Photoshop

photo cropped.jpg

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks, but here we are. Building on top of the last Quickie that covered how to straighten skewed images in Photoshop the fast and easy way, we continue the conversation and I teach you how to clean up dirty scans that you’ve brought into the computer for presentations, your portfolio, or 3d underlays that you build models on top of.

If you’ve ever scanned something into the computer, you know the kinds of things I’m talking about - dust, scratches, extra marks on the page, coffee stains, paper color and texture… the list goes on and on. I’ll show you how to clean it all up and make it presentable as a work of art.

I cover the following tools in Photoshop and show you techniques for:

  • The Levels command and it’s inner-workings
  • The Dust and Scratches filter
  • The Clone Tool

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