Video: What's New in bonzai3d 3.0

This video was produced by the folks over at AutoDesSys, the makers of bonzai3d.

If you're a SketchUp user interested in solid modeling, NURBS, specialized tools for architectural modeling and more, you should check out bonzai3d. This is a great update and of particular interest out of the 80 new tools are:

  • The new interactive sun control palette (7:15 in the video)
  • Billboards & underlays (10:00)
  • Unfold tools - great for laser cutting to build analog models (15:50)
  • 3d Print preparation analysis tools (19:15) 
  • Interactive section tools (23:00) 
  • Contour Doctor tool for fixing 2d contours used to create 3d terrain models (24:00) 
  • Component tools - replace components (26:00)
  • NURBS tools (28:00)

You can download a PDF of the full list of new features, and you can download a 30 day trial of bonzai3d 3.0 here