Link: Graphisoft Announces ArchiCAD 17

ArchiCAD 17 is coming out, and it looks pretty good. One of the new features they’ve added is Priority Based Connections, where you can get construction documentation level sections and details anywhere in the model. This is one of the biggest problems in BIM today, because we can’t put all of the detail in everywhere, and this is a great development for saving time when drawings details. No longer would you have to draw so much information over the top of a fairly dumb detail section in 2d - most of the information is already there with this new technology.

Priority Based Connections:

Structurally Correct Details out of the Box — Priority Based Connections, together with Intelligent Building Materials, automatically provide structurally correct sections and details.
ArchiCAD’s end-to-end BIM workflow allows the model to stay live until the very end of the project, saving considerable time at the construction documentation phase.

Another great feature of the program is the built-in ability to view your models in BIMx, a BIM viewer application that runs on laptops, iOS and Android tablets, and even smart phones. This is a great way to put the building into your client’s hands.

Graphisoft says the new version will be available on May 30, 2013.

Learn more about ArchiCAD 17 here. There are tons of videos showing off the new features on the overview pages.