Link: LightWave 3d Reveals LWCAD 4.5 CAD Tools


The LWCAD 4.5 bundled addition to LightWave 3D 11.5 adds a complete set of standard CAD tools for LightWave created specifically for visualization needs. One can think of this as a CAD add-on package directly into LightWave. Key features include:

  • LightWave Modeler Extension Functions — 2D drawing capabilities, 3D CAD tools like trim, knife, extend, blend, offset, fillet and many others
  • OSNAP Engine — Construct precise models using Snap types such as point, center, intersection, tangent, perpendicular, ruler, projection, angle, grid and more…
  • Real-Time Booleans — Cut, slice and edit models with real-time Boolean options
  • ViewPort Interactivity — Speed productivity and access LWCAD’s onscreen controls directly in the viewport

LWCAD 4.5 also includes a Universal Coordinate System (UCS), Shape Tools to manage instances and conversions to polygons, interactive wall grids, furniture tools and shapes for fast interior modeling, architectural presets for interior and exterior elements, and much more.

I anyone using LightWave for architectural work? I’m curious to know - I owned a license at one time (I guess I still do) but never did much with it.

Here's the complete rundown on the release, which includes several videos showing it in action.