FormZ 7.1 Pre-Release Available

My favorite architectural modeler just keeps getting better:

We are pleased to announce that we have made an update to the Pre-Release version of form•Z 7.1 available for download! This version is being made available for testing and should be used with the normal caution associated with pre-release software. 

Here is a list of the changes in the updated Pre-Release version of formZ 7.1:

  • A variety of improvements have been made to Clipping Planes.
  • Hide All Controls (from Key Shortcuts: Pick) now works properly. 
  • Move Perpendicular to Reference Plane is no longer disabled when the view is changed (via spin or pan/hand) while moving an object. 
  • The formZ file type icons are now correct on Windows. 
  • Status of Operands no longer changes from Delete to Ghost or Keep when using a Derivative Extrusion on a part of an object. 
  • Project File Info no longer crashes with certain files that contain unexpected data. 
  • A "perpendicular to surface" guide has been added when editing control points of NURBS surfaces. That is when clicking a control point to move it, a snap guide is shown that is perpendicular to the surface, through the control point. This allows the control point to be easily moved closer to, or further from, the surface. 
  • The Doodle rendering mode now works properly. 
  • Tool palettes can now be edited in Tool Manager even if Pop-up Tool Palettes On Hover is disabled. 
  • Drawing 2d walls with the circle 2 tool while snapping to the top of another circle no longer crashes. 
  • Dynamic creation of certain 3D walls containing arcs no longer hang. 
  • Drawing Arcs and Circles in certain files no longer crashes. 
  • 2 Click Pick now works properly when the Pick Topo level is set to Face or Curve.

If you're a current FormZ 7 user, you can use your current serial number to activate 7.1. You can download it here. For more release notes, check out this FormZ Forum post.

Have a great weekend and make something great!