✱ Introducing Method's Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack for SketchUp

I am SO proud to announce that my grass presets are now available for SketchUp users who render with Maxwell! You've been asking for it. Here it is!

Are you sick of those terribly obvious tiling textures of grass in your renderings? Do you want to have more options for plants that don't weigh down your model and just magically appear (perfectly I might add) only when you render saving you TONS of time? Do you want to get grass (and more) the fast and easy way? ME TOO.

Check it out - I made something.

Standard SketchUp "rendering" style.

Using Method's grass preset pack with Maxwell Render for SketchUp.

My goal is to make you worth more, and these presets will do just that. With them, you'll be able to instantly add 3d, photo-real grass, bamboo, horsetail reed, straw and more to your 3d scenes and renderings. And I have to say they are gorgeous thanks to the amazing rendering program we love called Maxwell. They are so easy to use it's a no-brainer because your images are going to go to the next level.

No more of those terrible tiling textures covering acres of grass. It's time for the real thing!

Special bonus time!

Of course no offer from Method would be complete without a tutorial. This preset pack actually comes with 2 bonus tutorial videos included for zero dollars extra.

  • The first video goes into every detail about how to use the presets. Every. Detail.
  • The second video builds on the first and shows you how to use placement maps to control where the growth happens on your geometry. This tutorial alone will take your skills to the next level because nowhere else on the internet does this tutorial exist! I finally cracked the code and now I can share it with you.

A little history

First I made this for me. I spent hundreds of hours creating and tweaking these presets and materials over the last year. Then I thought you could probably use it too. So I bundled it all together and even made some videos to teach you how to use it.

I hope you love using it as much as I've had creating it. I'm sure it'll help take your skills and renderings to the next level.

Click here to get grass!