✱ The 2013 Year in Review

Method 2013 Banner.jpg

2013 was a huge year for me and it was by far Method’s biggest year yet since launching in 2010. I have you to thank for that because you show up. It is mind-boggling to me that so many people come by and visit, and hopefully leave with some new ideas, knowledge and skills.

I originally started the site to post some videos of things I’d learned over the years using all of the different types of software out there in hopes it would help someone else. Over the last year I’ve refocused the site to specifically help architectural designers be worth more to their clients, company and industry by teaching a smaller number of really great tools and techniques that I not only believe in, but more importantly, use. I even started offering a few products that I really think make our lives easier so we can be worth more without spending countless hours learning the technicalities of all these programs.

This should be obvious: I love architecture and am passionate about design. The world needs more of it. It’s my personal mission to help you make that happen, and this is one of the places I’m doing it. It seems like I’m making a small dent in the universe with this site and that makes me happy. So again, thanks. I appreciate you.

Enough with the tear-jerker (yeah right) sentimentality! Here’s a quick breakdown of what happened this year:

Throughout the year 19,000 people watched my videos. This is unbelievably awesome!

All along the way we saw lots of new software come out that has the ability to either distract us or enable us to create better design. I like to focus on the enabling part, so some of my favorites this year were software titles like Maxwell 3, Artlantis 5, FormZ's Layout, Bonzai3d 3, SketchUp 2013, AutoDesk 123d Make, and iVisit 3d for Autodesk 360, which you can read all about on the blog. Many more of them are all fighting for our attention. I did my best to weed through it all and tell you what I think is worth adding to your toolbox. 

Some other stuff happened as well:

  • In February I launched a podcast called Archispeak that is about all-things architecture. It was named a New & Notable Podcast by Apple. Awesome-sauce.
  • In March I launched my Methodcast Quickies, which are shorter videos focused on quick-bites of learning compared to the longer Methodcast videos. They covered all kinds of things from Photoshop tips and tricks to more sophisticated 3d rendering techniques like material ID’s and depth of field.
  • In May I launched a completely new website platform for Method using Squarespace 6. There are some big advantages over Squarespace 5 but there are also some big drawbacks for a site like mine. This was a huge undertaking, but I'm glad I did it.
  • In June I started doing memberships to help support the site and pay for fees like video and website hosting and bandwidth.
  • In September I cancelled the memberships due to lack of interest. 
  • In October I was featured on Novedge’s series about How to Succeed in Architecture. It was all about mastering the art of architectural presentations and was very well received. If you're interested in learning about realtime walkthroughs, augmented reality and 3d printing, you should check it out.
  • November was a big month. I completely redesigned the site again to make it look even better. This is also because I was about to launch a new product that I really wanted to show off. In mid November I launched my first product: the Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack for FormZ and Bonzai3d which is a collection of photo-real 3d grass and plants that look amazing and take your renderings to the next level. Later in the month I launched a video tutorial series called Architectural Rendering in Artlantis that teaches anyone how to do amazing exterior and interior renderings in one of my favorite rendering programs ever.
  • In December I launched my Maxwell Grass Preset Pro Pack for SketchUp. It's a super-clever implementation that I came up with to get around the fact that Maxwell for SketchUp doesn't allow us to load presets like FormZ and Bonzai3d do. 

Wow! It has been a whirlwind year, and this is mainly just the stuff that has happened on this site. I hope that 2014 finds you well and you continue to join me here as we conquer the world of digital design together. 

As always, this site is completely supported by your donations. So if you've learned something, please leave a tip in the tip jar. I truly appreciate it.