Link: iVisit3d Now Works with Autodesk360 & ArchiCAD Panoramic Renderings

If you're a Revit or ArchiCAD user, here is some good news for you. Abvent, the makers of Artlantis, have added the capability for turning your panoramic renderings from those programs into immersive iVisit3d projects that can be navigated on a website, on iPads, iPhones and Android devices via their new applications. This is good news because you can link your panoramic nodes together with their software to create mulit-node immersive environments, and put the steering wheel in the hands of your clients.

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As you know, I'm a huge advocate of letting my clients drive. It's so great to see their eyes light up with wonder. It creates a connection to their project early on and can make the whole process flow much more smoothly. This software allows us to do this much easier.

So now you can download these free apps (during the beta period)  depending on which BIM app you're using. Why they are limiting it to BIM apps puzzles me a little. Tools like FormZ/Bonzai3d, Rhino and Sketchup could benefit from this too because a lot of the early architectural design process is done in these types of programs, not full-on BIM. The goal should be to get your clients into their buildings as soon as possible.

The nice thing is that after a little investigation into the new program, it seems BIM is not completely necessary, and with a little creative thinking, I think there's a way to use our favorite design tools and still be able to use these new tools from Abvent. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Check out their app for iPad here (iOS App Store link) - this is my platform of choice for viewing these projects. The iPad just makes it so easy and intuitive for the viewer, and it's much more immersive with it's larger screen than a phone-size device.

iVisit3d is already a part of Artlantis 5 Studio, so if that's the only tool you're using, you probably won't need these apps. 

For more information straight from the iVisit3d team, click here