Augmented Reality - Put the Project in Your Client's Hands

Augmented Reality (AR) has really grown since tablets and large screen devices have become ubiquitous. I’ve successfully use AR in interviews in concert with a plugin for SketchUp where the client holds a small platform in their hands and their building is “projected” onto the platform on the computer or projected screen. It’s fun to see the ‘holy crap’ moment when their eyes light up because they are virtually holding a small version of their project in their hands.

This new concept in the video takes it from a static model to an entirely new level. The ability to have animated entourage, wind patterns, shadows, and more is an amazing way to interact with architecture before it’s built. Architecture is about more than what the building looks like, and any time we have the ability to show why design decisions were made in order to react to ultimately unseen forces or constraints is an opportunity to educate the users. As clients become more sophisticated this kind of educational opportunity is a huge win for architects looking for new ways to integrate clients into their projects during the design process.