Pixelmator Update Adds New Tools

If you don’t know about Pixelmator and you use a Mac, it’s a raster editing app that is a very comprehensive alternative to Photoshop. Now is a great time to check it out. They have a video showing off their latest achievement:
The Pixelmator 2.1.1 update is out! But this is more than just another maintenance update. We’ve packed in a little treat for you: This update brings a radically improved Healing Tool. Now you can easily remove image imperfections or just about any image element you want, so your pictures look their absolute best.
I love this app. IT’S ONLY $15. Unreal. It’s absolutely great for setting up textures, editing renderings (basic rule: all renderings get edited - nothing ever comes out just perfect), and manipulating photography. Oh, and it’s optimized for those shiny new Retina MacBook Pro laptops with the super high DPI screens. And did I mention IT’S ONLY $15?