New Artlantis 'Pair of Aces' Promotion

You all know we really like Artlantis for rendering, and now that it has Maxwell Render as an optional engine, the two best packages are combined into one. It’s always fun to watch people’s eyes roll back into their heads when the topic of rendering is brought up because it’s so tedious, but then show them how easy Artlantis is to use and they change their attitude pretty quickly and get excited about visualizing their projects again.

Artlantis is running a fall promotion to get you to click the BUY button from September 17 through October 31, 2012. 

Start the Fall right with this exciting Artlantis promotion.  Artlantis Render and Artlantis Studio are your Pair of Aces, perfect for all your architectural visualization needs. Designed for those offices needing at least two Artlantis licenses, our Pair of Aces offer consists of:

  • 1 Artlantis Studio first full license
  • 1 Artlantis Render first full license

They are offering up to 25% off when purchased together.