✱ Dropbox Adds Instant Web Updates

Dropbox has added a new feature to their service that makes for an interesting topic:

We just released some new magic on the Dropbox website. Now when you make a change to a file on your computer or phone, the Dropbox website instantly updates to reflect those changes.

Why is this relevant? Because more and more we are working with teams on our projects. This makes cloud file storage even more viable for distant collaboration. One of the main drawbacks has been syncronization speed.

I’m not completely sure about this, but I also think this may be a big deal for sharing Central Files when working with teams in Revit via mutilple locations. Steve Stafford had a post on his blog a while back that talked about using Dropbox for this very thing, and his conclusion was that it wasn’t perfect yet. Hopefully this takes it further. If anyone has the ability to test it, I’d love to hear what your findings are.

I personally love Dropbox. I use it for just about everything in the cloud. I save my digital models there and work right out of my Dropbox folder. When I render images using Maxwell, it defaults to saving my images in the same folder as my model file. This is great because I can check in on the progress of my render from anywhere on my iPhone, iPad, or any computer. I can also send someone else a link to that file so they can see the progress too. The great thing about Maxwell is that it renders a usable file within minutes and then continues to refine it over time. Basically you get a better rendering the longer you wait. I can then send it off to whomever needs it right from my phone whenever I think it’s ready, or the deadline has come.