Another Form*Z v7 Beta Update is Now Available

I've been using Form*Z a lot the past 2 weeks and I have to say it's been an absolute joy. An update patch has been released today that adds a few things and fixed over a hundred issues:

  • Many of the corrections address stability and improved memory management.
  • The Axial Sweep tool now has the Scale parameter previously found in v6.
  • The Trim/Spit tool now keeps the proper portion of the model.
  • Display resolution slider now works with the Round tool.
  • Importing a symbol library with the same name as existing component folder no longer fails.
  • Certain SKP SketchUp v8 files now import properly.
  • Export image now exports the proper view to eps/hpgl.
  • Import and Export DWG/DXF improved.
  • Multi Copy with Make Component fixed.
  • Components can now be renamed easily.
  • Clipping Planes in Shaded mode are more stable.
  • The Template File preferences have a separate option of Layout projects.
  • Controls for Layout Frames now highlight properly.
  • Gutters work properly in Screen Size Dimensions.

The update installs from within the application so there's no need to re-download the whole thing from the FTP site this time. 

This version is being released as an Update Patch. To access this update, run the previous formZ 7 Beta 8 (build 8441), go to the Edit Menu: Preferences: Updates, and click Check Now. Then follow the on-screen prompts.

I'll be posting some images of my latest project soon which were done completely in Form*Z and Renderzone so keep an eye out.