✱ Autodesk FormIt for iPad

A new 3d modeling app for iPad has come out from Autodesk called FormIt, and it’s free in the App Store. I am pretty amazed with what they were able to pull off for an initial release. This is not a review of the app, but I hope to do one soon. I just literally downloaded it and started playing with it, and I have to say it’s pretty fun to play with. It is billed as an architectural modeler, but you can use it for anything.


Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Once you open it up, you start out with one of the predefined primitives. You can then long tap on the form and more options pop up in a menu. You can then move, rotate, or delete the object.
  • Double tap on faces, then you can extrude, move, rotate or scale them. Pinch or spread the face to scale it in place.
  • You can double tap on edges and then drag them around to move them.
  • Standard navigation includes two finger drag for pan, single finger orbit, and pinch/spread for zoom when nothing is selected.
  • You can add edges on faces by using the line tool and tapping on an existing object’s edge and then another edge to connect them. This will split a face and allow you to further manipulate it.
  • If you go into full screen mode, you have access to undo and redo buttons in the lower corners of the screens. They are also available in the main toolbar when not in full screen mode. 
  • By tapping on the location tool in the toolbar, you can import a satellite image underlay for your model. You have to switch your map mode to satellite or nothing gets imported.

So far, I have to say I really like it. Go get it on the App Store.