✱ Help Save Neutra's Kronish House

I have been following an unfolding story in Beverly Hills, California regarding one of the homes Richard and Dion Neutra designed called the Kronish house. It was completed in 1955 and is a beautiful residence that was recently bought while in foreclosure. It was then put up for sale at a much higher price but ultimately never was sold. Now it is under threat of being demolished for the land to be sold at an even higher price.


Dion Neutra and the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design have started a campaign to save the house and turn it into a Neutra Library. Please help out by signing the petition, donate to the cause (via PayPal), and send this info along to all your friends on Twitter and Facebook to get the word out. (See those little buttons at the bottom of the post?) Then personally contact 5 people who you think could donate $10.

Those signing this petition are supportive of saving the Kronish and repurposing it to a NEUTRA LIBRARY; a benign quasi-public use that will allow visitors to experience an authentic Neutra both inside and out; save an icon, and provide a use for the public to gain knowledge about the Neutras Practice. SAVE THIS FROM DEMOLITION!

This 1955 house, for developer Herbert Kronish is one of the largest surviving houses done by the Neutra Practice, and the last one ever built in Beverly Hills! Two others there, have long since been compromised or destroyed.

Here's the lastest blog post by Dion about this cause

Please take a couple of minutes from your busy schedule to help. We need to get the right owners into these homes that can keep them up for the next generation of people who appreciate great design. Thanks!

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