✱ Eleven Design Films You Should Watch

I've been thinking lately about several films that I've seen either on DVD or Netflix Streaming and I thought it would be good to put the list out there for you to see as well. I've been so inspired by them that I had to pass them on to you.


Let the inspiration commence! Without further ado, here's they are:


Objectified (Netflix Link)

This film by Gary Hustwit @gary_hustwit is absolutely amazing. Great interviews with top designers like Jonny Ives, Dieter Rams, Marc Newson and the thinking behind their work and the objects they design.


The Fountainhead (Netflix Link)

Ayn Rand's classic tale of the uncompromising spirit of architectural designer Howard Roark.


e2: Design - PBS series (Netflix Link)

A series on sustainable design narrated by Brad Pitt.



Another film about everybody's favorite, prolific typeface, also directed by Gary Hustwit. It's everywhere!


My Architect: A Son's Journey (Netflix Link)

A documentary on the life and work of architect Louis Khan, famous for the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California by his son, Nathaniel Khan.


Architects Herzog & De Meuron: The Alchemy of Building and the Tate Modern (Netflix Link)

This documentary portrait captures the unique style and collective vision of award-winning Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre De Meuron by visiting several of their completed projects, including the spectacular Tate Modern in London.


Infinite Space - The Architecture of John Lautner (Movie Website Link)

A top contender on my list of favorite architects, Lautner's spaces tease the viewer's sense of what is possible in architecture.


Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman (Netflix Link)

The world famous architectural photographer and the story of how he got started in the business of photographing the world's most famous architect's masterpieces.


Schindler's Houses (Netflix Link)

Great visuals and contextual sounds in and around architect Rudolph Schindler's many built homes. It's a slow movie, so this one's for the hard core Schindler fans.


Sketches of Frank Ghery (Netflix Link)

A documentary by Sydney Pollack that explores the signature work of one of the most current, prolific architects.


IM Pei (Netflix Link)

A guided tour of some of Pei's most influential architectural accomplishments.

It's quite a list! I hope they are as interesting to you as they are to me. What are your favorite design films?