✱ Welcome to Method!


We are finally live!

We have so much content to show you over the next few months. I officially want to start out by saying thanks for checking out our site. If you've been struggling with your digital workflow, or the ever-changing digital tools out there, we are here to help.

Method was created to help architectural designers get a better grasp on the digital tools in your toolbox. We cover three areas:

  1. Method helps you to better understand the tools you already use
  2. Method teaches you how to use new digital tools that you've never touched
  3. Method shows you the best way to get things done with these tools

Every program (or app, as we now say) does something really well. And on the flip side, every program does something really poorly. We look at all of these programs as tools in the designer's toolbox. We want you to use the best tool for the job. Too often users are stuck on using a single app for everything. I read about it all the time on the web. Someone wants you to use "their" app because it does everything so perfectly. It just isn't so. This mentality constrains your designs! Why would you want to do that? All of these apps talk to each other, so why not take advantage of their interoperability? Stop being constrained by the tool! Free your creativity. Get used to using the best tool for the job.

Many apps do things equally well, and that's a bonus. We'll strive to cover the areas where they don't overlap - to show you the benefits of using a specific tool for a specific job.

So what are we going to cover?

Here are the apps that we are initially going to be focusing on:

  • 3ds Max
  • Artlantis (rendering)
  • Bonzai3d (modeling)
  • Cinema4d
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Revit
  • Google SketchUp
  • Google Layout
  • VRay (for Max)

We will post video tutorials on quick how-to's and tips & tricks as often as we can create them. Go ahead and subscribe to our feed if you use an RSS reader to keep you up on current events. Lastly, you'll want to subscribe to our newsletter for not-so-frequent mailings about what we're up to here at Method.