My goal is to make architectural designers worth more to their clients, company and industry by taking their digital design skills to the next level. How? With my personal training, video tutorials, articles and news, you will spend less time fighting software and spend more time creating great design.

The world needs you.

I created this site for you. 

  1. Method is here to make you worth more. I'll teach you how to get your job done better and faster. You'll be a rockstar to your company, studio, peers, colleagues, and clients. The bottom line is that this means you can be more valuable and can charge more money.
  2. I share everything I know. I've already figured all this stuff out. I want you to know it too, and I love helping people get better.
  3. To create an on-demand resource. Method is the place where you can learn without a speed limit. Are you a fast learner? Or do you take your time? Watch my videos once or watch them ten times. Learn at your pace.
  4. This is all for you. Are you stuck using the same old programs and not taking your work to the next level? Do you want to learn some new tools? Are you wondering what the best tools for the job are? Let me help you figure that all out.

Evan Troxel

Hi! My name is Evan, and I’m the Chief Instigator and Founder of Method. I am a licensed architect in California with a focus on design and education in the field of architecture.

I've taught thousands of students, both at graduate and undergraduate levels at higher education campuses. 

I practice what I teach, and I have loads of real world experience working for real clients. I deliver projects within real-world budgets and real-world schedules using the tools I teach here. My colleagues and clients value the skills and sensibilities I bring to the table and I have many success stories. I want you to have your own success stories too.

You can learn more about me and my projects on my website and you can follow me online.

I love great architecture and am passionate about design.
The world needs more of it.
You are in a position to make that happen.
I want to help.

First things first - Invest in yourself

I want you to become more valuable to your business, company, studio, colleagues and clients. If you take it upon yourself to learn new skills, you can become indispensable. Ultimately, I want you to be able to make better architecture. The world needs it, and I think I can help you achieve it one tutorial at a time.

What is Method all about?

Method is my website where I teach architectural designers learn how to best use today's digital tools to realize their designs and keep you up to date with the latest techniques and technology. I've been teaching my techniques for years (literally!) to thousands of students (literally!), and I keep doing it because of how successful it has made them. In a nutshell, I want the world to have better design, and you are someone who can do something about it.

Technology and computers allow you to translate your thoughts and dreams into a finished product. I've spent many, many hours figuring all this stuff out. I've connected the dots. Now connect with me and other architectural designers all over the world who do the same thing you do.

Do yourself and your career a favor and learn my shortcuts and workflows. Stop wasting time you'll never get back fighting these tools. I will literally save you countless hours so you can spend less time fighting, and more time creating. 

What else?

Method keeps you up to date.

I provide you with more than tutorials. Method is a hub of information that pertains to the architectural design industry and your personal growth in relation to that technology. This includes the latest news, reviews, tips and tricks, training videos and tutorials. Portable computing, the cloud, new technologies and ways to communicate are all things that are part of our designer's toolbox. I talk about it, and you are welcome to join in the conversation here.

Why Method?

Check out what other have to say about Method on our testimonials page.

What if you could learn without a speed limit?

I've taught technical design courses, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and computer skills in the Architecture department at a Polytechnic University for 10 years. I also taught BIM courses in the Architecture department of a technical community college for 2 years. I am an active designer in the public works and residential sectors of  the architectural industry. 

When I was teaching at the university, my experience was almost the same every year: teach at the pace of the lowest common denominator. People complained. Fast students were bored. Slower students couldn't keep up. Some already knew the information and were being forced to waste their time. Why settle for this?

I won't do it anymore, and I hope you won't either. Students deserve to learn at their own pace, and not at the pace of others. Some devour a skill set in no time, and others need to go over the same material twice to be able to commit it to memory. It makes more sense to take my knowledge and give it to you on your schedule. What better format to do that than the web, and what better place than wherever you choose to work from? 

Why should you be limited by a 10 or 16 week course and pay tons of money, only to find that you didn't get enough information to help make yourself more competitive in the workplace? Or maybe you've found that you don't have enough time in class to complete the coursework, only to be forced to take it again but start all over at the beginning and waste your time. 

At Method, there's no speed limit. You set the pace and the schedule.

What if you could be taught by experts who use the software you want to learn on a daily basis, and have since 1995? From people who know this stuff inside and out? From people who know your profession?

Yes, 3d modeling was around back then! 

Here's how you can get in on this

For starters, visit the blog (I update it all the time) and sign up for my email newsletter for infrequent mailings.

The blog has free tutorial videos, articles, and news about the tools we cover here. This is an evolving list, so it's best not to memorialize it here. If you have specific things you'd like me to cover, either contact me or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook. If I can't help, I will try my hardest to get you in touch with someone who can.